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Best Banks for Rebuilding + Business Accounts?

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Best Banks for Rebuilding + Business Accounts?



I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good banks that are good with extending credit to their customers. 


Had Chapter 7 a few years ago (Discharged Jan 2009). Own a small business and maintain a good balance most of the time. 


Right now I'm with Wells Fargo, and they haven't been so great. Only have a secured card, which they haven't converted, and they've denied me for any unsecured. 


I'm in Northern CA if anyone has any local recommendations as well. 



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Re: Best Banks for Rebuilding + Business Accounts?

For personal I would suggest a CU.  They seem to be more understanding.

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Re: Best Banks for Rebuilding + Business Accounts?

Friend of mine owns his own business and had credit issues a couple years back.  He switched his business account from Wells Fargo to Bank of the West and has been much happier ever since. 

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