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Best PFD Template?


Best PFD Template?

I have one account in collections with Receivable Management which is a 2016 metical bill ($280) orginiating from Patient First. I've been searching online and on this forum for templates. I've found a couple of examples; however, there are disputes within the comments of those threads about the appraoch and/or some of the content in those samle letters.


My question is, what should be included and what demands should not be included? Anyone have personal examples of PFD letters that they've successfully used?




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Re: Best PFD Template?

Medicals are some of the easiest to get removed. Here are the steps to go thru with them, they are different from other types of debt. To answer your question on a PFD keeping it simple and respectful works best.


For unpaid medical debt that is reporting on your CR:

1. Call the OC and see if insurance can be billed, if not then
2. see if you qualify for Charity Care, if not then
3.  ask that they recall the collection in exchange for full payment
4. Send the reporting CA a PFD offer
5. Google the HIPAA Process and contact its creator for help

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