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Best Way to Challenge "30 Days Late" on Credit Report?

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Best Way to Challenge "30 Days Late" on Credit Report?

Hi everyone,


I am hoping someone can help me out with this as it has been a pretty major setback in trying to get my credit back on track. I recently took about a 60 point plunge across the board on my credit report because my mortgage company (Wells Fargo) dinged me on my credit report as being 30 days late. During the time that they say I was delinquent I was transitioning jobs and wasn't going to get a paycheck for almost a month and a half while payroll got everything sorted out. I called WF to make a payment arrangement with them, specifically pointing out that I didn't want this delay to impact my credit and asking if a plan like this would help to prohibit it. I was informed that by paying extra each month I could keep my account in good standing and it wouldn't hit my credit. I wouldn't have agreed to the payment plan otherwise.


I really hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've made mistakes in the past regarding my credit while I was a full time student that worked 40+ hours a week and had to rely on credit cards from time to time and I'm trying to remedy that so it doesn't stick with me forever. It's just demoralizing that something like this happens. Also, to add to confusion I've looked up a credit dispute department with the bank and got two different addresses and fax numbers for, seemingly, the same department.


Thanks for any help you might have!

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