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Best approach to maximize Charge off and CO?

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Best approach to maximize Charge off and CO?

I'm in the credit repair process. My scores are around 660. I only have one CA from PRA for $252 and it'll fall off this time next year. I have several charge offs some are old and some are still updating and I noticed the balance is in my utilization. Please let me know how you would best handle these in order or if you would let some jusy fall off next year. Thank you. (Also noticed the BofA card CO has diff balances aming CRAs.


BofA CC $1102 of 700 limit updated 4/17/21

Removal 09/22

7x fed loan servicing -12k removal 6/22 0$ balance transfered several 120 lates

First premier balance 496 of 300 limit updated 4/4/2021 removal 06/22

First premier 514 of 300 limit updated 4/21 removal 5/22

Bank of Missouri/milestone balance 559 of 300 several 120 lates updated 10/2015 removal 3/22

Web bank/ fingerhut high balance 310 updates 5/2017 removal 08/23 several 120 lates

Port recovery (collection ) balance 252 (previously cap one secured card thought doesn’t report) updated 4/21 removal 08/22





Bank of America - charge off - balance  1041 of 700 updated 4/21 CO and 120 lates shown

Milestone charge off reported 12/2020 shows 2x 30 day late from 2015 all other blank

Web bank / fingerhut - charge off - no history reported - updated December 2020 charge off 310 of 200 credit limit


Student loans - dept of Ed/navient 9 loans payed as agreed thought debt ratio is over 100-%


Student loans 2x fed loan service ( the original owner of my def loans before being transfered to navient ) both show paid as agreed closed and transfered


Portfolio recovery - collection -252$ last reported 4/21 only shows two CO for history ( one in oct/2019 and one in -April 2020)




Acima  credit /status charged off 1598 written off balance 4188 past due as off December 2020

Balance updated December 2020

Balance 4188

Original balance 4748

On record until November 2023

Payment history guide

Charge Off as of Jun 2017 to Dec 2020 Collection as of May 2017

60 days past due as of Apr 2017

30 days past due as of Mar 2017


Bank of America - charge off 1041 written off updated 4-15/2021 on record until 07/22


Chase (authorized user ) balance 8200- stopped reporting 2019 as I broke up with girlfriend and she started having high balance in card so I took myself off (her card) lol


Pheaa/ fed loan servicing

2 accounts both showed transferred and never late


Portfolio recovery - collections - 252$ updates 04-2021 on record until July 2022


8X dept of Ed student loans open never late

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Re: Best approach to maximize Charge off and CO?

Personally I'd pay off that collection  ASAP, they do PFD, supposedly it causes you to get off of a public record scorecard to just a dirty scorecard, improving score significantly. I just paid off my last PRA collection once deleted I'll come back to post my score improvement. 

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Re: Best approach to maximize Charge off and CO?

Thanks for the tip. And and all advice is welcome. I'm trying to prioritize efforts based upon available capital, which can be tough but also tired of paying 12% interst on a brand new car haha I e heard about the score card however I assumed I was already in a dirty file since I have the charge offs so unsure if  collection and charge offs result in separate cases of dirt or if I pay off the only collection I'll still likely remain dirty due to payment history on charge offs or if it's double dirty if not. If that makes sense. 

after the collection how do you think I should tackle it? Pay off the ones that update more frequent or large balances or newest account? They will fall off next year but want to have a 720 by time I'm 30

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Re: Best approach to maximize Charge off and CO?

Pay the collection first, then the COs updating monthly. If any accounts are delinquent and close to being COd (as in 120+ days late), I'd pay those before the COs.

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