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Best card for rebuilding credit...any suggestions?

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Re: Best card for rebuilding credit...any suggestions?

I encourage you to apply for a secured card from boa or wells Fargo that will graduate. I also like the credit union option that another forum member posted

and / or wal mart. then wait about 6 months to 1 year before applying for anything. Don't go hog wild applying for a lot of store cards... just choose 1. Express and VS are good because of a shopping card trick that you can do online to avoid a hard pull. Basically you add items to your shopping cart and then see if you are preapproved for their card. Limit yourself to 1 store card and 1 credit card at this point.

Edited after reading that the OP doesn't want to be involved with Cap 1

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Re: Best card for rebuilding credit...any suggestions?

Plenty of advice in here, only thing I think all could agree upon is take it slow. Dont go app crazy. Use the resources on this board to have a credit plan for next year. Envision where you want to be a year from now creditwise, and what you want in your wallet, and you can then follow the steps needed to get there.

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Re: Best card for rebuilding credit...any suggestions?

Thank you! I know it's not exactly that I hate cap1, and if I have a better chance with them I will go through them, I just that I remember all the fees they added on my account at the end and it irritates me. We don't belong to any credit union but our mortgage is with bofa so maybe I will try to go through them. I will keep  you updated.


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