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Best way to resolve this Collections issue

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Re: Best way to resolve this Collections issue

hughley wrote:

llecs wrote:

I'd resend the DV. That's a canned, overused response by NCO. You'll find other examples of it on here too. I'd resnd, mention that the first was sent, and I would include identifying info like your name, address. and prior address at the time of this debt, and NCO's account number if you have it. I would not send your SSN, or mention the OC, or the balance, etc.

Ok, but why not include SSN or OC? I gave them both to NCO when I called NCO  a month ago attempting to do a PFD over the phone. For the record the first agent was able to find the debt but said I cannot clear it up with NCO because it has been sent back to the OC. Called NCO 5 minutes later hoping to talk to someone else that person was unable to find any record of me in their system. 


One more strange thing. This collection shows on a TU credit report bought from MyFico on July 8th yet doesnt show up on previous reports bought in March and May though those were bought with the Suze Orman Fico Kit. The collection has a date assigned of Feb 7th 2011.

I'm very cautious as to who gets my SSN. A CA would never be one of them.


While the legal umpphhh (for a lack of a better word) is gone from a DV if it wasn't mailed within 30 days of their first collection notice, many still will respond and therefore provide you info to verify the debt. The DV is based on what the FDPCA allows you to ask for. One of those requirements placed on the CA is to identify the OC. If you give it to them, then you are doing their job.


One thing I learned on here is never ever trust a CA. If they said they sent it back to the OC, then they have to delete, since they no longer own or are assigned to it. I would proceed on the assumption that they still are collecting on it and I would send the DV again, and would keep doing so until they respond with either a deletion, a verification, or you learn directly from the OC that they have control of the debt (and NCO is out of the picture).


The date assigned really doesn't mean that much. Sometimes a CA buys or is assigned the account, but they drag their feet before collecting on it or reporting.

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