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Bill Me Later


Bill Me Later

i wanted to know how "bill me later" reflect on your credit report, i have been told it comes up as a loan but i wanted to make sure.
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Re: Bill Me Later

I have no experience with BML but from what I've heard on here, BML does not report but they do draw an inquiry (this I do have experience with)
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Re: Bill Me Later

trudawg, I have no idea what a "bill me later" means.  More info is needed to assist you.


There is no CR status for a "bill me later."


Under contract law, no fulfillment of contract is made without remittance of actual and substantive real or monetary remittance.  So I am puzzled by an offer as having any legal standing.


Did you make an offer to them that they accepted, under condition of "bill me later?"  Not a business practice that I am aware of.


What is the skinny?

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Re: Bill Me Later

Bill me later is a deferred payment service offrered by Airlines, retailers etc. They do pull a hard inquiry, but I am not sure about reporting a TL.
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Re: Bill Me Later

Hi there -


They do not report at all to any of the three credit bureaus.


I have just completed a settlement with them and checked to be sure they didn't add any baddies to the mix.  The only thing noted was their initial inquiry.



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