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BofA Reporting incorrectly on settled accounts


BofA Reporting incorrectly on settled accounts

I have 2 accts with BofA that I settled in the spring of 2009.  Upon reviewing my EQ report today, these are reporting incorrectly with dates. I disputed this with EQ several months back with no success, it was "verified" and that was that. This is getting ridiculous. I can dig through my records and find the settlement acceptance letters showing when it was paid and proving their dates are wrong if I have to, but I really don't like providing information for these people because they could simply correct it and I would prefer they just delete it if they are going to be that lazy.  Any advice on how to proceed with these two accounts?

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Re: BofA Reporting incorrectly on settled accounts

I am presuming that the date it was satisfied is the date that is incorrect?

If the current status reflects paid, and the current balance $0, why is the date of significance to you?

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Re: BofA Reporting incorrectly on settled accounts

Because from my understanding, every single piece of information being reported in a tradeline has to be correct for it to be reported. If the date is wrong, and they won't correct it, under the FCRA they have to delete it right?


It's of significance because it's wrong and I would like the whole thing to be deleted. Those tradelines are full of late payments and they were settled for less than I owed, so they are showing as negatives and pulling my score down.

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