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Bogus Collection

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Bogus Collection

this has really angered me because i worked so hard to get me and my wifes credit excellent but we recently purchased a house in march after years of getting our credit straight thanks to the help on this forum. i told our landlord in december via email that we would be moving out by the end of the lease the lease ended february 28th well mid february i asked if we could extend the lease another month because the closing was taking longer they said no problem we closed on march 28th sent the keys back in took pictures and waited for our $1000 deposit back well 2 weeks later they email us saying we arent getting a deposit back and we owe them $1500 for breaking the lease early rent is $1050 a month plus admin fee some other stuff they claim the lease has an automatic renewal.


i send them email after email showing how i terminated the lease in december when they emailed and asked if i would be renewing it and i send them a certified letter in the mail demanding my deposit back along with the copies of all communation showing i didnt renew the lease then 2 months go by then a company called hunter warfield contacts me via mail and phone saying if i dont pay up they will put the collection my credit report, so i send them all the same emails showing i terminated the lease then 2 months later they put the collection  on me and my wifes credit report i contacted a lawyer and they said from all the emails i showed them i have a very winable case if i want to go that route but they want $2500 to even get started money which we dont have right now after buying the house so friday i filed a complaint on the cfpb website is there anything else you guys think of that i can 

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Re: Bogus Collection

Go here


Pick your state, then appropriate agency. Most of the agencies listed should be able to assist you 

EX 759 EQ 774 TU 753

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Re: Bogus Collection

You should be sure to at least file a formal dispute with the CRA, detailing your reasons for contesting the accuracy of any delinquent debt.

A dispute filed with the CRA is a necessary preliminary step before you become eligible for filing any civil action contesting the accuracy of the reporting.  


If they formally verify the accuracy, you then become eligible for pursuing a private civil action contesting the reasonableness of their investigation. 

While you may never file a civil action, you dont want to be barred from doing so simply because you failed to first file a dispute with the CRA.  See FCRA 623(c).

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