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ByeBye LVNV!!!

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

TheBrules wrote:

They removed from my Experian report, no score bump though, I am wondering why.  Smiley Sad

I'm sure your FICO increased. Some FAKOs, like PLUS, advertise they can update daily but IME that wasn't always the case.

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Mine came back stateting LVNV did nothing wrong in reporting or otherwise, i refused and wrote a scathing reply, also threatning to get my mother who is an attorney involved(whom they harrassed day and night trying to get ahold of me), oh well this wart may be here to stay....

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

I am re-posting this out of desperation and I see that you've had success in dealing LVNV.


I have been reading posts re: LVNV and, although I've learned alot, I'm still not sure how to proceed in my situation. Long story short: in early 2000s, let ex talk me into applying for CC, which I never used. HE, however, ran it up to about $500. We separate and I truly did forget about the account, especially after moving several times to create new life for myself and our children. Point is, I now have a $2117 account on my CR listed as owed to LVNV. Several years back, I remember getting some type of correspondence from them indicating they were represent the OC. I was unable to meet their settlement demands and notified them as such, but I think I did agree to a $25/mo pymnt. In 2011, I moved to a different state and did not hear any more about it. Now, as I pull my CR, it states that the account opened in 2011. Did the account automatically re-age b/c I did make payments to LVNV?  It is listed as an open, interest-bearing account. I accept my responsibility for the original amount but I know LVNV paid very little for it, yet are looking to make money from me. What are my options at this point?


I would truly appreciate any advice you have to offer. And Congratulations!!

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Can I get a copy as well please. Much appreciated. Thank you
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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Hi all, 

I'm entirely new to the forums as well and - like the rest of us - have found my here because of the LVNV problem after verifying my girlfriend's CR.  Along with requesting guidance/assistance to deal with this (i.e., get it dropped off her CR), is it normal that it only shows on her Transunion but not her Experian report?

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

oh please help me with this too!  I cannot get these creeps off my credit!  Even Lexington Law can't.  I've sent letters and they ignore me.

Share with me oh wise one!  I'm trying to improve my scores to buy a house.


Smiley Surprised

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

I've been trying to get these guys off my credit report for some time now. Never got a letter from them or anything. all of a suddent the account popped up when i applied for a car loan. what should be my reply? ive lived in different places over the past few years and never got this letter they claim to have sent me. also notice they claim it took them over a year to send the validation and verification letter. also this alleged debt is past the SOL and less than a year out of the 7 year, date of first delinquency, but it popped up under lvnv in nov 2011 :smileymad:


here is the complaint i filed, followed by their reply.



I found out from the credit reporting bureaus Equifax, Transunion and Experian that there was a negative account under "LVNV Funding LLC" under account number xxxxxxxxxxXXXX. Resurgent/LVNV has failed to provide any legal validation or a dunning letter in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I am seeking proof that this debt is mine and will require a copy of the original contract under which the credit account was obtained, as well as monthly statements since the debt was purchased. I have sent several letters, including notarized formal validation letters seeking this verification and to this date Resurgent/LVNV has failed to provide the information requested. Resurgent/LVNV is clearly in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and I will seek legal action against this company for the practices if the issue isn't resolved immediately.Resurgent/LVNV Funding has not provided the undersigned with any evidence to substantiate its claims that this debt is a legitimate debt. Further, there has been neither proof that LVNV Funding has permission to collect this debt, nor have they provided previous verification of this debt. Finally, I have received no information that Resurgent currently possesses any documents of this debt. Since this company has failed to provide any evidence of the claims made in their response, I am led to believe that neither LVNV Funding or Resurgent Capital Services possesses adequate documentation to collect this alleged debt. In order to provide proof that this is a legitimate debt of over 7 years and they have the right to collect this debt.Until the above referenced documentation is provided, the undersigned's position is that this debt does not exist and a reporting error has occurred. Finally, unless this documentation can be provided, Resurgent/LVNV Funding shall immediately remove this account from all three (3) credit reports and shall be subject to any and all costs, including attorneys fees, should I pursue this matter further.









August 30, 2013 




RE:      me

Previous Creditor:  xxxx, LLC 

Original Creditor:  xxxx, N.A. 

Current Owner:  LVNV Funding, LLC 

Account Number:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reference Number:  xxxxxxx

Current Balance:  $1x,xxx.xx


Dear xxxxxx,


This letter is in response to your correspondence dated August xx, 2013 regarding the above referenced account.  LVNV Funding, LLC (“LVNV”) currently owns the account number ending in 2758.  Resurgent Capital Services L.P. (“Resurgent”) is the servicer of the account owned by LVNV.  The account was previously sold by xxxxxxxxxxx on or about October xx, 2011.  As of the date of this communication, the account balance is $1x,xxx.xx.  Please review the following account information:  


  1. This account originated on November xx, 2003 with xxxx and was opened with xxx Card Services . 
  2. This account charged off on September xx, 2007. 
  3. The last payment in the amount of $xxx.00 was received on March xx, 2007. 
  4. No payments have been received on this account since Resurgent started servicing it in October 2011. 
  5. Verification of debt with validation was mailed to Mr. XXXX on October xx, 2012 in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) (copy enclosed).   


Resurgent utilizes third party collection agencies to service accounts on its behalf. This account has been placed with various agencies for servicing since LVNV’s acquisition. Any notification requirements for this account would have been met by these collection agencies. 

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the LVNV tradeline is being reported as “disputed” to the three major consumer reporting agencies.  It will continue to report as such throughout the permissible reporting period unless new information indicates that the dispute should be removed. 


If, after review of the above referenced information and enclosed documentation, Mr. xxx believes this account is fraudulent, we ask that he provide a completed police/incident report regarding the fraud, or a notarized fraud or identity theft affidavit in order to help us resolve this matter.  Blank forms are available at the FTC’s website:   


If this account was paid or settled in full; then, the settlement offer, cancelled check(s), and/or confirmation of payment in full would help us resolve this complaint.  


In addition, if Mr. xxx has any correspondence to/from Arrow, BOA and/or FIA concerning his dispute, it may help with our investigation, so please have him forward it to: 


Compliance Department    or     Fax:  866-467-0918 

MS 250 

P.O. Box 10497                        

Greenville, SC 29603 


If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please contact Customer Service at 888-665-0374. 





Compliance Department                                           

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

I'm a bit of a newbie, but have 2 LVNV debts on my report.  They're old, but not that old (about 4 years) and have gone up several hundered dollars each. Can you send me the BBB info as well?  Also, advise on what to say on the DV?

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Anyone else have any luck with the BBB? I rejected their repsonse based on my CR was updated to reflect date first reported as August 2013, and in the letter they claimed to be reporting every month on the 10th. I had copy of CR stating they reported only once on August 2013. PM me please .I am also in California and debt was supposedly purchased in 2009. I hear they did not have license to do business in CA until 2012 and they also have tacked on a balance from $981 to $2032 since March 2009. This rate seems grossly inflated. For those who have succeeded any thoughts?? Thank you!

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

If this is true, please let me know.  I also have an account with them from 2009 that was California.  By the way California has a limit of 10% that a collector can charge for interest unless there is something explicit in your original card agreement saying they can charge whatever the oc was charging.  They are tagging me for 16% right now and I don't have any of the original contracts to see if it's allowed or not.

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