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ByeBye LVNV!!!


Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

The old account is ready to drop off the report next month. Guess who poped up for double the price ( factoring ). I can not seem to find in the forms what to send them or the BBB. If someone could please Pm me I would so appreciate your time. They are the one holding back the upcoming home.  I am glad I found this post

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Please Pm me as well if you would. I sooooo Thank you in advance

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Can you also send me a PM with the relevant info, I have an account from LVNV (circa 2008) listed on all 3 of my reports and need them gone yesterday.




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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Well, since everyone else is adding for it. Could you phrase e-mail me the letter as well? 


Thanks in as  a  as advance!

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!



I am happy to help where I can. Please send me a PM when requesting info on what I did to conquer them. It is very difficult to follow this thread as it has gotten so long. 


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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Please PM me the letter or message to LVNV thanks so much.

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Have LVNV problem. I would love to see letter sent to BBB.

Can you send me a copy

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

Hello please send me the letter you forwarded to BBB. Thanks you very much in advance:-)

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

********** OLD THREAD ALERT*********



As the previous poster asked, if you would like the info then send them a PM. Simply click on their name and on the top right of the screen it will say "Send user a private message"

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Re: ByeBye LVNV!!!

I sent a message a while ago. just follow the promts to send a private message. They may not be online. So we just need to be patient and wait a reply Smiley Happy

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