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CA/JDB a Factoring company???

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CA/JDB a Factoring company???

I have a 6 year old orchard bank cc that was written off. Midland is reporting as factoring company amd charging me interest and 120 days late every month. Is this normal or can i do something about it. My cc utilization is 100% but have no cc. Is this because its being reported as a cc with a 0 limit but a $777 past due? Help

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Re: CA/JDB a Factoring company???

That's the latest flavor of some CAs.  They've found a kind of loophole that they are using to post as the OCs.  File with the BBB, State AG and FTC.  Maybe if enough do it they will fix it.

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Re: CA/JDB a Factoring company???

I feel like this question has been EXHAUSTED. With looking it up in search mode it is very clear that YMMV with different companies but it is easy enough to file a complaint like most others did... some to avail, others not so much. Maybe we should make this sticky or something.


Anyway, give it a shot like PP said. I haven't even bothered with Midland yet who is doing the same on my CR because they are notorious for rebuttling on BBB etc but some had luck with AG. Good luck!

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