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CA's and Bellsouth

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CA's and Bellsouth

I have a collection on my CR from Bellsouth. They claim that I owe them approx. $300 for an old telephone bill. When I went thru my records, I found all of the payments that I made to them within a 6 month period that totaled $800. With the help of my Pre-Paid Legal counsel we contacted the CA thru the mail and told them this, we then asked them to tell me what THEY show I paid. They instructed me to contact Bellsouth. I did that and was transferred three times!
My thing is if you can't tell me how much I paid, how can you tell me how much I owe!? I called the CA back with this information and they removed the collection. Four months later it was sold and added back to my report from another agency!
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Re: CA's and Bellsouth

I would send the new CA a DV, not sign.
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