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CACH LLC Contact for PFD

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CACH LLC Contact for PFD

Hi Everyone,


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, i was wondering if anyone had a good contact with CACH LLC where i could request for a PFD. I saw some older threads but figured those folks are well and happy with their credit reports and may no longer be active. So if anyone still has some good info, id appreciate it. Just trying to remove a ~$400 collection off my report.


thank you!


Re: CACH LLC Contact for PFD

i have the same question. 


in some 2017 threads people have called CACH LLC and were able to negotiate PFD. 


I have a $430 balance with CACH LLC which is almost 6 years old


SOL in my state is 4 years. 


My only concern is that I do not want to restart the SOL by calling them. 



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