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CEO Emails

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CEO Emails

Just wanted to share this with everyone. It might of been mentioned not sure but I found a website for CEO and Corporate emails to send GWs too. Its free to register, i found it very useful. Enjoy!

Starting: 6/2012 : EX: 485(FAKO) EQ: 490(FICO) Trans: 482(FAKO)
Current : 4/2014: EX: 650(FICO) EQ: 664 (FICO) Trans: 681 (FICO)

Cards: NPSL Amex Green (AU), $11500 Discover IT, $4000 Quicksilver One, $3500 Bank of America Travel Rewards,$3000 Amex BCE,$3000 Quicksilver One, $3000 AA, $2500 Sallie Mae MC, $5000 Citibank AA, $1500 Barclay, $1200 Macys
~Back to the Garden~

Goal Score: 700 Across!

Gardening til 8/2014!!
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Re: CEO Emails

This is a great website I've used before and got the info from this Forum.

FICO scores:EQ- 723 (6/13), TU- 722 (6/13), EX- ?
My Wallet- AMEX BCE-17.5K, Chase Freedom-6k, Cap1- 5K, BMO Harris-5K, Wells Fargo-2K,
Store Cards-Lowes- 8K, Ashley Furniture-6K, American Furniture-2.5K,

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Re: CEO Emails

Thank you!! This will help me a lot as I begin my GW process.
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