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CFPB works.

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CFPB works.

Just thought I would share that if you have exhausted all avenues the CFPB can help. I had a CO from Wells Fargo and Wells was reporting very inaccurate information. Took the right person at Wells to realize this and they sent a letter out on Oct 18th saying the TL would be deleted. Two days later EX and TU deleted but of course EQ remained.


I waited 40 days for EQ to delete and nothing was done. So I sent the letter into EQ showing to delete this TL . I Called EQ and they said that their process was different and that Wells needed to call their business number and tell them personally to delete the TL. I called Wells and they claimed they submitted the information.

EQ just kept disputing it and it would always come back verified. Its not like that was a surprise. Round and round I went.


So I tried the CFPB since they were new in dealing with the CRA's but had jurisdiction over them. Eleven days after I submitted my complaint EQ deleted.

So if you are having major issues with a CRA and have proof that something should be deleted and they CRA is holding out, I would suggest giving the CFPB a try.

Finally someone that really has some control over the CRA's !


One other thing is make sure you have disputed with the CRA's before you dipute with the CFPB. The CFPB will ask that you have done this before you submit a dipute with them.

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Re: CFPB works.

I can second that.  I have used them twice and got what I asked for each time without problem.  

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Re: CFPB works.

Hey thanks for this valuable information. Just another thing I did not know about. Maybe now I can finally get those duplicates deleted! 

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Re: CFPB works.

Hello! For us newbies lurking, can you please explain who or what CFPB is?


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Re: CFPB works.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Here is their website,


They take complaints about a few different things, but the CRAs is one of them.  You must have already gone through the dispute process with the CRA first and gotten your response, before you contact the CFPB. 

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