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CO chase student loans

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CO chase student loans

So, I am a co signer on my wife's student loan, we were paying on it on time $57 a month. The all at once no bill and idisappeared from our online banking. I went into the local branch, they could not really see what was going on but assumed it was sold. Called them a little while later and yes it was sold. Not uncommon, I took a loan with one bank and by the time I graduated it had been in the hands of four other banks. Then out of nowhere bam it is in collections? No bill, been sold, in ever missed a payment until something happened. What do I do bal is 5k+ settlement is still like 3500. I can't afford that and the CA won't stop fees on account so if I continue my monthly payment I won't get any where cus they want to charge me collections fees of $600 a year. I'm lost?

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Re: CO chase student loans

How long from the time it disappeared from your bank did it show up with a CA?

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Re: CO chase student loans

12-18 months

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Re: CO chase student loans

Well, that could be why all of a sudden it shows you owe that much.


Have you contacted the DOE and explained to them what happened and you were never made aware who got your debt.

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Re: CO chase student loans

to clarify this was a private loan. So I dont think DOEd (doe=dept of energy fyi) could help me. suggestions? apparently it was sold to the collection agentcey, this is why chase couldnt see it. I waiting like two months of not getting a bill to do anything. Everyone seems to just blame eash other CA says chase sent it to them, Chase says I was 90 days late and they sold it yet my last payment that posted to the account was like 70 days prior. Nobody wants to admit if there is a mistake or not so idk.

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Re: CO chase student loans

Yep, pretty sure the Department of Energy can't help.


I would send the CA and Chase a direct dispute under FCRA 623(a)(8).  They will each be required to investigate and correct any errors and notify you of the outcome within 30 days.  This is a requirement and they have to do it or each one will be in violation of the FCRA.


I provided a template.  The one you send to the OC will not include the information about the CA.



“This is a Notice of Direct Dispute with you, under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), of the accuracy of information you have reported to my credit file.

       ►       (If sent to a debt collector, (CA), it might  be beneficial to also include the blurb:

       ►  “This is a direct dispute of credit reporting. This is not a request for debt validation/verification  under FDCPA §809(b).”.
                  (don’t let them just simply sluff it off as a meaningless  DV letter)

“In compliance with FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), and enacting regulations published at  16 CFR § 660.4, this Notice of Direct dispute includes:

 “Identification of the specific information being disputed:
           (specify the account number, and the specific information that is disputed under  that identifying account)

“Basis for the dispute:

            (how the reporting was inaccurate;    was any reporting in violation of any statutory or regulatory provisions?  account or express agreements?  CRA reporting gudelines? Account not yours? etc.)

“Supporting documentation:

            (all documents that support your dispute; it is recommened to also include, as part of your documentation, at least a copy of the portion only of your
             recent credit report showing their reporting of the disputed information was actually reported to your credit flle.  The implementing rule suggests a  showing
              that it appeared in your credit report)


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