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CONFUSED - 32 Point Drop & Increase in 2 Days?!?!?!?

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CONFUSED - 32 Point Drop & Increase in 2 Days?!?!?!?

Hi everyone,


I'm really confused!  I just received an email alert from Score Watch that my score had dropped and that an account listed on my report had changed.  I logged in to myFICO to see what was going on.  The Score Watch alert dated 2/17/2010 shows a decrease of 32 points, leaving my score at 488.  The details on the change includes two listings that I am disputing and notes that a reinvestigation is in process.  Just because I'm disputing and they're investigating, my score drops 32 points?


So, I pull one of the 2 remaining Score Power reports that I have.  It has today's date, 2/18/2010, and shows my score at 521 - one point highter than the last alert from when I had judgments removed.


What's up with this?  Is my score 488 like Score Watch says or 521 like the Score Power report says? 


Please help!


Thank you!

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