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CRA Updates is like a Heinz Ketchup Commercial from the 70s - Anticipation

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CRA Updates is like a Heinz Ketchup Commercial from the 70s - Anticipation

Settled two CO accounts for roughly 50% with Cap1 with payments for each account received May 28th.


Cap1 records the payment and sends CRA update on June 13th report date.  

EX updates on 6/29 showing basically 50% paid

EQ updates on 6/30 showing same.

TU updates on 7/10 showing same.


Cap1 finishes their account processing and sends CRA update on July 17th report date (according to TU and EQ).

TU updates on 7-27 showing 0 balance. Yay!

EQ updates on 7-30 showing 9 balance. Yay!


EX still dragging behind, no updates since reporting date of June 13.....


I called Cap1 last week to check and see are you certain you sent updates to all (3) CRAs? The CSR tells my the magic date for closing my file was June 24th and it can take up to 90 days from that date for the accounts to be correctly reflected in all three CRAs.


Sorry for rant but EX is usually the speedy one.


I have a CC account that posted monthly statement on August 2nd and my teeny balance and EX had posted that update on my CR by Saturday August 3rd.


I will show my age but its like waiting on ketchup to come out of the bottle....


So I guess I just sit and wait the full 90 days as Cap1 stated which translates to roughly September 24th?


It just seems odd when TU and EQ are usually the draggers and they had items updated < 14 calendar days and EX continues to drag their feet if in fact they did receive the same update on July 17.



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Re: CRA Updates is like a Heinz Ketchup Commercial from the 70s - Anticipation

Good you got it settled, and yes its unusual for EX to come in last.

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