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CRA advice- how to tackle this?

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CRA advice- how to tackle this?

Hello all!  Here's my scenario:

Bank of America settled less than full in 2008 (tons of 30, 60, 90, 120 day lates (we're not judgers here!).  Account to fall off in 6/2014.

I sent a GW letter a year ago asking for a GW to remove the account- while they turned me down they agreed to a "Pays as agreed" status.  A year later, I'm going after the GW again, and sent a letter to corportate.  I tried disputing that they were reporting incorrect and different data to the 3 bureurs, however, they stated they refuse to delete the account and mailed me all prior correspondce regarding how the account was settled in full for less than the original amoutn, yada yada yada....

Recently, I tried to disputing with the CRAs and it came back verified with no changes, meaning Bank of America is in direct violation since they are reporting and verified the incorrect status. 

How successful has everyone been having the account removed from their reports if they send the CRA's backup?  I want to prove BofA verified the incorrect status but providing the letters BofA sent me.  Hoping they will delete!

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Re: CRA advice- how to tackle this?

Hello, Chanel3. The CRA's won't look at anything you send them. I have tried that many many many MANY times. They say they have to get the info from who reported it. I've argued up and down that the reporter is reporting wrong.

It sounds like BOA is not going to back down on this one.

What worked for me to finally get some accounts that were reporting incorrectly removed, was I sent an Intent To Sue letter to the Collection Agency. They fought me long and hard, but once they had that they backed down immediately.

IDK how BOA will react to an ITS, but good luck.
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