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CRA's can be so frustrating!

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CRA's can be so frustrating!

Back in 2007 I had a CO from Wells Fargo. It was for a purchase I made at a furniture store.

They had a collection agency contact me around a year later. Saying the normal pay this debt or else tactic. Well back then I had no idea what I was doing. So I paid the amount I owed to Wells Fargo. I owed the debt so I paid it no big deal, however I had no idea about PFD's back then.

So this year I was starting the buying a home process and a few things came up I needed to fix. This debt is about 6 years old now so I assume it is really not hurting my score much. My problem was on all 3 CRA's it said debt paid for less than full or settlement accepted paid for less than full amount. Experian even had it saying 1,950 written off. Well that was the actual amount I paid in full. So it looks like it was all written off. Well I disputed all the inaccuracies with all 3 CRA's. Every single one came back verified no changes.

So I called Wells Fargo. It took them four hours to find my account and call back. Well they said that it was paid in full and would take care of it however would not remove the CO on it. I even tried a GW letter with no success.

I find it sad that all 3 CRA's could all be reporting something different. On top of that all it took was a phone call to Wells Fargo to at least get this reporting correctly. Sometimes I feel that all they do it press a key and send back the standard "account verified".

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Re: CRA's can be so frustrating!

I would suspect your culprit is the OC, not the CRA.

I highly doubt that the CRA is reporting anything other than what was provided to them by the OC.

The OC most likely did not report accurately/consistently with each CRA.

You took the correct approach to require the OC to report accurately with each CRA.

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