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Response Received 6-25-08 via mail from EXPERIAN:
Huge packet - notifying me that are "protecting my privacy with a temporary initial security alert" to my credit file for 90 days.  How does this affect me? I don't know - any thoughts appreciated.
They state in the letter that they were notified by another agency that I might be the victim of identity theft.  The report they sent had no changes from the one I recently pulled, so I'm guessing they generated this before processing my dispute letter.  I don't think I need to re-send my dispute, but I'll keep an eye out for the response. 

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Response Recieved 7-1-08 via Email from EXPERIAN:
Of 5 disputed Collections -
2 DELETED - Yaaay
1 VERIFIED, remains unchanged, scheduled deletion MAR 2010 - this was the college I went to, I prepaid all in cash but they claim I owe $173 in collections first I heard...  grrrrr...
2 UPDATED, one is scheduled to drop off in 2009.  I can live with that. The other is a debt from 1999, roommate screwed me, settled in 2000, but is listed as opened in 2000, reported since 2005, will be on record to NOV 2011!  How is that possible, how do I get that off my report?  It's over 9 years old and settled for over 8 years.  Any suggestions appreciated.
I'm guessing I'll have to DV the ramaining collections, thanks llecs.  Any link to a favorite DV form letter?
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Action Taken 7-2-08:
Send GW Letters to 3 companies that report me as having lates.
1.  Dept of E_______n:  Reports me late multiple times, now am current.  Wrote specific GW letter.
2.  Ver____ Home Phone:  Reports me late, paid in full, have just cell with great history, wrote letter to CEO.
3.  WFS Fi____l:  Reports me late multiple times, now am current.  Used GW letter based on examples in this forum.

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Action Taken 7-7-08:
Just joined a credit watch service offered by my bank.  They seem pretty competitive; teaser free start and then a monthly fee to moniter and provide updates to me from my credit reports.  It's reasonable, and I need to keep an eye on things while this project continues.  Haven't recieved report from them as of yet.  Goals are updated as follows:
1. Get rid of all collections agencies on credit report.
    a. DV all invalid collections.
    b. Aggressively negotiate PFD with valid and invalid that DV ineffective.
2. Improve all current trade lines with GW letters and any other possible means.
3. Maintain low balance and do not use available credit.
4. Figure out what to do about the Judgement.  Help or suggestions from any here appreciated! 
5. Avoid any unneccesary pulls.
Still awaiting response from two CB's re disputes, awaiting response from GW letters, awaiting response from PFD offers.
Still need to assemble and send DV's, need to read up on procedure in forums.
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Response Received - 7-15-08
Response via mail from ALLIAN___1 (CA):
"The settlement offer is unsatisfactory.  The account must be paid in full.  Please contact us immediately to resolve this matter."
1.  It's not mine.
2. It's from 2003 - My goal is perfect score in 2 years, this will be gone by then anyway.
3. No more PFD for you, time to DV.  Thhhppppp!
Plan of action: DV this account using letters and guidelines provided in this forum.
Will update as situation changes.
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Credit Score Update Recieved 7-15-08:
On 6-4 it was:
EXP - 577    EQU - 530  TRANS - 542
As of 7-15 is:
EXP - 614  +37  EQU - 603 +73 TRANS - 644 +102
Holy snizzle!  This is working better than I ever hoped!
Here's an update of derogs cleared compared to 6-4:


                                                                    6-4-08                         7-15-08


# Accounts Past Due                                      0                                  0

Recent Inquiries                                              3                                  3

Collections                                                      7                                  6  

Public Records                                               1                                  1

Revolving Acct Bal                                          n/a                               1%                  


# Accounts Past Due -                                   0                                  0

Recent Inquiries -                                            4                                  5

Collections -                                                    5                                  3      

Public Records -                                             0                                  0

Revolving Acct Bal                                          n/a                               1%


# Accounts Past Due -                                   0                                  0

Recent Inquiries -                                            3                                  3

Collections -                                                    7                                                         

Public Records -                                             0                                  0

Revolving Acct Bal                                          n/a                               1%


Tis is before sending out any DV letters.  Game on!

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Hello out there...  Anyone know what I can do about a bogus Judgement on my CR?  Any help or suggestions appreciated. 
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More info about the JUDGEMENT. (oh so dirty)
Did some digging, found the source...
Back in 2003 I rented a room at a house that was near a college campus.  Decent rooomates, setup was we each rented direct from landlord, utilities included.  Times got tough, and the landlord started taking some sub par tennants...  i.e. tweakers, thieves, at one point we had the police raiding the place looking for a tennant.
My company offered me a promotion and relocation, so I gave 30 days notice, payed rent, and left.  It was before the end of the lease.
Landlord apparantly served someone (not me, I was in Phoenix) with papers and got a judgement against me for $2,000 for alleged wear and tear of common areas since I was a no show.
Now here I am with a Judgement.  It is dated 9-2004.  So, my questions:
How long will that Judgement stay on my credit report?
Does paying it make a difference?
How much does it affect my credit report?
It only shows on Equifax; Should I be worried that it will show up on the other two?
Do I have any legal recourse to appeal this much later?
I live in CA but the Judgement is WA, any info on SOL?
Any help appreciated, thanks.
EXP - 577 EQU - 530  TRANS - 542
EXP - 614 EQU - 603 TRANS - 644

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Re: GW Letters

Ver____ Home Phone:  Sent GW Letter 7-2 (RE: derog report) to Veriz__ CEO office (found name and addy on the internets). 
Recieved phone call from office of the President and CEO of V______ Wireless.  Very polite and understanding, confirmed that I am customer in good standing with perfect payment history.
Notified me unfortunately that Home Phone division is seperate, but hapily gave me name, address, and contact info for CEO of Home Phone.  Forwarded my info to home phone, reccomended I send same GW letter to them and include my contact at Wireless CEO office.
Will resend GW Letter per instructions.
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Re: Vacating a JUDGEMENT

Below is an excerpt from a legal website.  It sounds like this thing will haunt me until I take care of it.  The SOL for the state filed as well as my residence is 10 years.  If I pay it stays another 7.  If I don't it could renew and stay to 2024.
My best option looks like doing the following:
1. Dispute with EQUIFAX.  Maybe the court won't report timely.  (I have already done this, waiting for response)
2. File a Motion to Vacate with the court on the grounds I was never legally served.
3. If the motion doesn't work, contact the JC (Judgement Creditor) and negotiate for dismissal in exchange for payment.  I am concerned that contacting them may lead to more agressive collection activity.  Is it worth waking a sleeper?
Can anyone here confirm or deny the accuracy of this information, or share any tactics?
Removing a judgment from your credit reports: How to
When a debt is in collections and you are served, you are given about 30 days to object to the filing if you have a cause. If you can prove that the debt is invalid you can get the hearing dismissed. Additionally, if an agency has sued you without giving you the mandatory 30 day notice to dispute the validity of a debt then that is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. But if the debt is yours and you know it then you should contact the JC (judgment creditor) as soon as you are served. You want to avoid the entry of judgment at all costs because it will simply ruin your credit. Call, fax or mail a request to the person suing you and offer a compromise to settle the debt in exchange of dismissing the case.
STEPS:: Three options: Question to the CRA: Dismiss via Settlement: Vacate
There may be several ways to remove a judgment from your credit reports. First is the judgment still legally allowed to be on your credit reports? Look at the SOL- statute of limitations for judgments and if your state allows it to be renewed. If it is still LEGALLY on your credit reports you should dispute it to the credit bureaus before you contact the JC- judgment creditor. It may be deleted without ever paying it! This is because many court records are not verified in time when disputed. The bureau has 30 days to verify the accuracy of an item and to send a request to the courts and to expect a reply within 30 days is a long shot. We all know how slow the courts can be. If the court does not verify the judgment within 30 days, the credit bureau will delete it.
However if the item has been verified as timely and you have no other documentation to prove it is not valid then you can negotiate with the JC to dismiss the judgment in exchange for money. This is a much better rating than a "paid judgment". It tends to indicate that it was dismissed therefore "legally void". This IS a better rating than showing you simply paid it- that means you owed it. Not much of a credit improvement. Make sure when you negotiate with the JC that you put your terms in writing and have the JC sign and date it. This can be used for proof later if the rating doesn't change. Once you agree, the JC will complete a form to dismiss the judgment and file it with the court. All public records are reported to credit bureaus so you should see your new rating in about 30 to 45 days.
Finally, there is a procedure called a "motion to vacate" a judgment. This procedure can be used if you have good cause to believe you were sued in error, were exempt because of retirement or SSI or served improperly. The great news is that about 80% of judgments are awarded in error- you just have to know what to look for. Getting the judgment vacated means it does not stay on your credit and you do not have to pay it so if you think you have a good case for a vacate motion then by all means seriously consider pursuing it. Contact a lawyer about this issue. You can attempt to vacate the judgment yourself or use a lawyer. If you do not know a lot about it, you are better off hiring a lawyer for a few hundred dollars.
Avoid judgments at all costs!!
The statute of limitations (SOL) on judgments is long--very long usually 12 to 20 years and many are renewable (a judgment may be renewed if the creditor files a new suit seeking to renew the judgment prior to the expiration of the original judgment) therefore the judgment could follow you around forever. Even if you pay it you will be stuck with a 'satisfied judgment" for 7 years from date satisfied not filed! This can be a hopeless situation so avoid being sued at all costs. Be sure to always check your SOL for debts if you have been served because if it is expired (and many debts expire in 4-6 years) you can use that to dismiss the case. Many debtors are served everyday for debts and they simply do not show up in court and a default judgment is entered against them- big mistake! Had half of them simply checked their SOL they would have found that the debt may have expired years before but since they did not dispute this, the judgment was awarded. You can use an expired SOL as a solid defense in court against a creditor/collector.
If you are sued- never let a default judgment be entered
You have nothing to lose by disputing the validity of the judgment or even settling it out of court to avoid that nasty record landing on your credit reports. Even if you owe the debt and it is not legally expired under the SOL and you have no claim to vacate it- you should attempt to settle it out of court---before the court date so that it can be set aside. All the JC wants is their money so calling them to work out a settlement is the only smart thing to do. Otherwise you may be forced to pay it later through wage levy or asset liens and not to mention the damage it will have done to your credit."

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