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Calvary Portfolio and CRA's

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Re: Calvary Portfolio and CRA's

thanks alot sidewinder, we have called the CRA's and they are no help. We ask for the DOFD, DOLA, and FCRA compliance date and they know nothing. This is crazy but oh well.
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Re: Calvary Portfolio and CRA's

I paid off a Sprint bill CO through Cavalry last July. I sent them a GW a couple months ago asking to delete. They said "oh, we can't delete accurate info... blah blah..." but since their dates were off, and they weren't reporting a "Paid" or "closed" date, I told them, well, you're not really reporting accurate info either!
They agreed to "update" the info and correct it. I checked my CR's a few days ago, and that account is now deleted entirely from all 3 reports.
haha... I guess they CAN delete info after all! Smiley Happy
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