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Can CA's do a credit inquiry whenever they want to?

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Can CA's do a credit inquiry whenever they want to?

So we are trying to rebuid our credit and I get an alert today that JC Christensen (a CA) who #1 two days ago threatened to send my file to their attorneys if I do not pay the debt by Aug 31st (after i very kindly explained I didn't have the money to pay ANYTHING until after sept 5th...just did an inquiry on my credit report!  I don't appear to have dropped in score at least on Experian (which is where I have a free credit monitoring through my credit union for 6mo) and nothing has come through on can they do this whenever I want?  My creditmonitoring service said to DISPUTE the inquiry if I didn't authorize it...which i didn't but i wasn't sure if i should do that or not?

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Re: Can CA's do a credit inquiry whenever they want to?

Yes, they can pull a CR for collection purposes.

They also can see, if you changed jobs, see who you are paying and what available credit you have, etc.


I had one CA that had an attorney name attached to it, some how acquired 3 of my largest debts, one at a time.

The first time they served papers on me, I paid before the court date and they agreed to cancel the court.Also delete item from CA.


Almost 1 yr later, the same CA/lawyer came calling again.We did the same song and dance routine.

Then about 6mos later, yup the same CA. My mind said "Something fishy is going on here" Then is when, I went to the computer to find information and found this place and I'm still here. Wanting to help others,so they don't have to go thru the same song and dance routine like I did.


This all happened because the CA/lawyer was viewing our (DH & I) CR's.They are snecky little rats, to say it nicely.


So be careful on what you put on loan/credit apps. I dont put my cell number on loan/credit apps, because if it did everyone who pulls my CR would have it. I only use my home phone on credit/loan apps. DH and I dont even pick it up, we let who ever calls to leave a message.We can be snecky too.Smiley Wink

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Re: Can CA's do a credit inquiry whenever they want to?


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Re: Can CA's do a credit inquiry whenever they want to?

+1 again.  Good advice!   Make sure you opt out.

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