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Can a Date of First Delinquency be removed?

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Re: Can a Date of First Delinquency be removed?


"In the posted scenario, it is stated that the CRA has excluded earlier delinquencies in a chain if the delinquencies are more than 7 years ago, while the CRA is still showing some delinquencies in that same chain that have a month/year that has not yet reached 7 years."

Isn't QUITE what is happening.

The delinquencies that are NOT seven years old are dropping off in advance. 

If they didn't do this then I would be much happier arguing that the whole chain is 7 years old. But this rolling deletion policy stops that.


For instance - I used to ahve a 90 days late in December 2011. It vanished a few months back. Now if it was still there I could go to them and say 'this chain is seven years old now'. But that the firts late is now March 2012 causes an issue.

I'm trying to figure out who is deleting them. 


The OC swears blind they MUST report 7 years. But that's not reflected in the reports.

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