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Can anyone beat this??

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Can anyone beat this??

FICO® Score Bureau Report Date View Until  

582Equifax12/14/2012 View Alert
580Equifax12/13/2012 View Alert
580Equifax12/01/2012 View Alert
573Equifax11/29/201211/20/2013View Now
563Equifax11/16/2012 View Alert
522Equifax11/12/2012 View Alert
522Equifax11/07/2012 View Alert
503Equifax10/29/201211/20/2013View Now




I'm in no way trying to toot my own horn, but wooowooooweeewaaaa (in the words of Borat)!!!!  From 503 on 10/29 to 582 on 12/14!!! That's less than two months! I'm so thankful for everyone here that posts and got guys like me who were clueless back in the groove of things and on the way to financial freedom. God is good!!

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Re: Can anyone beat this??

What did you do to so high
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Re: Can anyone beat this??

GW letters, disputes, phonecalls, hard work. I called my last collection at 7:30 last night and this amazingly nice lady came to the phone. Told her I want to pay the debt ($280something dollars) and was looking to get a house so I needed it deleted, she said "no problem, I'll get it deleted for you!!" MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Can anyone beat this??

Congratulations! I am working on doing that to mine as well.. I just need to find collections number or address..

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Re: Can anyone beat this??


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Re: Can anyone beat this??

Excellent work!

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Re: Can anyone beat this??

If you run your report on the TU site, at the end of the report, it gives you the all the contact info of any CA on your report. 

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