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Cap One Charge Off and rebuilding

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Cap One Charge Off and rebuilding

Ok, so I have a $1300 CO from Cap One one my credit report.  Other than that, I have one other small charge off of around $400 with First Premier on my credit reports (weirder still is that they actually sent me a pre-approved offer for CC in the mail yesterday).  The rest of my collections and COs, etc have been paid.  Other than that, just rehabbing student loans (a few months to go). 
I have exactly 16 months until the Cap One card drops off my CR and it is out of my state's SOL.  I plan to pay off the First Premier CO and am trying to get a PFD for them.  Everyone seems to think that's likely out of the question for Cap One. 
With 16 months to go for a CR drop off of Cap One, do I eat just eat it until then and use the money to boost savings or perhaps get a BofA secured card to try to rebuild?
Also, I know PFD for Cap One is unlikely, but has anyone ever had any success getting a PFD from them-perhaps when an account is SOL like mine?  It seems logical that they would want to get some money out of me no? 

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Re: Cap One Charge Off and rebuilding

I have not heard of any luck PFD..with Capital One or First Premier...I too have a charge off from Firs premier for $400...paid in a settlement...I sent them a GW letter beginning...just for removal of the lates...and they DENIED...I was not even asking for removal...but if these charge off still report a balance...they are affecting your I would try to get them paid...if you planing on making some sort of big purchase within 16 get that score increase...or even if you need the increase...
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