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Cap One Success!!

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Cap One Success!!

Hello everyone,

I've been working to repai my credit since July and have had amazing success thus far. In may my scores across the board were 519, today they've increased to 640 to 667. One service says my equifax is 730.

I'll explain in another post what I've done but lets talk about cap one. A little over a month ago I sent out a gw letter to cap one and didn't get a response. Through researching the site, I found a few ppl that had success going through the online chat. So on Friday I decided to try it out. Just mentioned I've been a valued customer for over 5 years and am in the process of getting my first home. However, have 2 lates on my credit report. Without hesitation the rep said she's getting them removed!! Excited to see what impact it has. Soooo the learning experience is sometimes the simplest things can have great results!!
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Re: Cap One Success!!

Thats great news!

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Re: Cap One Success!!


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Re: Cap One Success!!

That is awesome! I just got a resonse back saying that all the information on my report is correct. :/ Im going to try the chat right now. How did you start the convo? Im afraid they wont do it because i have on 90 day late and a few 60 day lates back to back Smiley Sad due to some financial hardships. 

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Re: Cap One Success!!

It's worth a shot!! I was just really really nice and polite. If the person you get doesn't help, close out and try another. Just takes 1 person willing to help!
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Re: Cap One Success!!

Thank you! I just got really excited, but trying not to get my hopes up. 


*Update* no luck, the CSR just directed me to CRA websites. :/ 

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Re: Cap One Success!!

Very nice...  Congrats!

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