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Capital One 30 day Late (Removal advice needed0

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Capital One 30 day Late (Removal advice needed0

Hi Everyone,

I have been rebuilding my credit for the past 2 years and I have not had a late payment since about 10/2015.

My  Fico scores were about 660 -- 680 range until a couple days ago when a 30 day late to my Capital 1 Quick Silver card was posted to Experian and Equifax.  


My Experian dropped from ~ 662 to 618 due to the 30 day late, ugh.

My Equifax dropped from  670 to around 600.


I made an on time payment to Capital 1  on 01/30/2019  (payment due date 02/01/19) but they said the payment did not go through and my bank rejected the debit.   I had funds in my account to cover the payment.  I think I may have tried to pay with a debit card. (not sure what happened exactly).  I ususally pay with my checking account.  I never received noticed any payment was not processed.  If I had I could have corrected the issue.


There was another payment I was supposed to make to this Cap 1 account dute date by  03/01/19.  However, I paid on 03/05/19 about 4 days  past due late.  Honestly, I lost my focus  for a few days last week because I was laid off my job last week and realized a few days past the due date I was supposed to make a payment.


I called cap 1 rep and explained the situation andone of supervisor told me  the payment I made on 01/30/19  was returned by my bank as not processed.  I explained I was never alerted to the returned payment or called by a CSR from Cap 1.  'If I had been alerrted I would have paid immediately.  They also noted I was a few days late on my March payment, about 4 days late.  They told me to disupte via CRA.


My question is how can I get the 30 day  late removed from my credit report. What are the Chances with Cap 1?


Should I write a goodwill letter to their Executive office and explain I was recently laid off and that is part of reason I was about 4 days late on March payment? 


Appreciate any feedback.

















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