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Capital One CLI!!!!!!

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

I got it...
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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

Can you send me the info as well.

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

I emailed the executive office including CEO Richard Fairbanks. Got a call today (24hrs after email). Raised my CL within hours!! Executive office is extremely easy to work with very customer focused,

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

I'm so glad that people are having some luck!!!!

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

For retail capital one just call I have neimam marcus Icalled doubled my limit 500 to 1k like that. I'm going to continue every 6 months until I get to 5k! Haha
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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

I requested a CLI on one of my Cap1 cards by emailing the executive office. I received a phone call back from them the next day. I was asking for an increase from 1k to 2k, the woman I spoke with asked if I would accept a partial increase if they were unable to approve my request and I said, "sure". She said I will find out next week if it was approved. I am guessing this is a denial? It is worth noting how friendly and professional this person was, totally not what I am used to when I call Cap1.

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

I've had success too. They doubled my Orchard Bank card and waived the annual fee. They also gave me a cli on my program B BestBuy card which is supposed to be capped.
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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

I just had success with contacting the EO office.  Even though the limit increase was minimal; they did increase this limit that otherwise would have been denied through there customer service method.


They did ask a few basic questions and DID a SOFT inquiry on credit report.

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Re: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

Can you please send me the e mail you used
Thank You!!
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Reply: Capital One CLI!!!!!!

Hi All


Reading these messages has given me the courage  to contact Cap one for a CLI . I sent an email to both the facebook team as posted in another post and sent an email to the CEO last night. I hope to receive a reply in the next few days. Will keep you posted.

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