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Capital One- Cant/wont settle account?

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Capital One- Cant/wont settle account?

I sent an email to the CEO 2 months ago asking to settle the account and if they would consider working with me on the negtive reporting. I received a call from an "account specialist" to discuss my options. At first she said she couldnt settle with me because they have a judgment for the full amount....I said NO, you don't-I was never served and I looked up the county where I lived in Texas and there is no record of a filing against me. She couln't give me a case number either.


So she said she had to submit a request to legal to verify before she could move forward with me. 


I called back again last week, and she said she didnt have an answer for me???


I've never had a company not jump all over the chance to get whatever money they can...Do I wait? Email the CEO again with this info? Wait the year and let it fall off...Kinda disappointed and frustrated because this account is y last baddie showing a balance. 

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Re: Capital One- Cant/wont settle account?

Call them back. I settled 2 accounts last week and it was pretty painless. 


I called 800-227-4825 to discuss settlement options and 800-258-9319 to settle payment, etc. 


Do not go to the CEO for this. Customer service/derog acct dept will help you.

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Re: Capital One- Cant/wont settle account?

I'd stop calling. Send CMRR letters to them with a brief of your conversation (that they stated they have a judgement against you) and that you have no records of such and that the state/local courts have no records of such case (send them evidence of this) and that you are now concerned that their records might be mixed with someone else's and that you now demand that they send you copies of such records to verify the accuracy of their information.


If they send records, you now can see what's going on and can plan your next move based on the docs sent.

If they don't send the appropiate records, you now can demand removal of this information from your credit since you have reason to believe this information is not verifiable (for the reasons above) and offer a PDF in return (if you want).

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