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Capital One Charge Off Resolution

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Capital One Charge Off Resolution

Just thought I'd share this with those working with CapOne.


I have/had an old Capital One credit card charged off @ around 1350.  The current due is around 3400.  It will probably fall off my credit report in the next 18 months or so but i'm not interested in waiting.


Additional info:  The account is with Capital One and not with a 3rd party (sold or collecting upon their behalf)


Their Recovery department offered me 50% to settle.  I simply asked if I could settle for the charged off balance ~40% since I was still a capital one customer with a CC, auto loan, and checking account....they said yes to my it doesn't hurt to ask.



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Re: Capital One Charge Off Resolution

Since i changed the original content of my post, bumping. 

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Re: Capital One Charge Off Resolution

Good work, I just did something similar. $3351 settled for $1843 (55%) Agreed today. Next step is gw'ing like mad. I've got one cap one cc co removed, and I can do it again. Good luck. 

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Re: Capital One Charge Off Resolution

so I ended up paying this today via moneygram.  I've received the fax confirmation letter that the balance has been settled as well.  How long can i expect to wait before Cap1 updates to CRA?  They advised me i guess the typical "30 days" but was curious if it might be sooner. 



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