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Capital One Charge Off

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Re: Capital One Charge Off

llecs wrote:

I'd send a GW asking them to either remove the account if your average age of accounts is older than 6 years, or I'd send a GW letter asking them to remove any lates and the settlement comment.


Per FICO scoring, your credit is no worse than if she had paid in full. It'll still report as a paid charge-off. FICO looks at charge-off accounts and settled accounts as equally not good.



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Re: Capital One Charge Off

rachael1 wrote:

i would send gw letter. i emailed them last week and got a response the same day saying they would delete from all 3 credit reports. i checked this morning and its already gone. so its worth a shot


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Re: Capital One Charge Off

This is from 2011 so may be obsolete but if anyone has an email address that has had success, I would be most appreciative someone could PM it.  A friends' job is at stake if we can't get a couple issues settled within the next week or too and I'd like to work  on the GWs right after. Unfortunately, will be dealing with the CA on this Cap One but would like to try for deletes of the original entries. Any help appreciated!

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Re: Capital One Charge Off

FairCredBen wrote:

I sent a GW letter to the CEO of Capital one, and i got a call not 1 hour later from him....


though he told me that it is against company policy to remove the lines, even though they were paid in full .... 


He was a nice guy and i was surprised to speak with him directly so soon! but....


but even that being said, that makes me VERY sad :'( 

Really?  The CEO called you?

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