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Capital One Charge Off


Re: Capital One Charge Off

@Aspireto850 wrote:

Tell your sister if she can pay the minimum due from the initial month it became late it will stretch out the charge-off for another month. She should be able to keep doing this until she can get the funds. But she can’t be short by even a $1 or a day or it get CO’d. She’ll be on the edge of CO each month but if she’s making those minimums is should help to stretch it out for a bit. Tell her to make sure she’s getting the exact amount due off her statements.

I was in the same boat a few years ago and did what I’m advising and was able to stretch it out 3 mos til I was able to catch up.

Good luck

This right here!! I did the same because I was not yet full time at my job.. I felt excited for my larger check.. went to pay off Cap1.. and logged in and I'm like where is my CC payment due amount.. It got Charged off... I was so friken mad.. they ended up doing a wage garnament but the good thing about it was it did not effect me that much due to being full time but I don't have to worry about them anymore.

EQ:652 TU:630 EX:649 as of 6/17/16
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