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Capital One Email Contact?? Anyone Have it

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Capital One Email Contact?? Anyone Have it

I have sent a few goodwill letters to different addresses I have found and have NEVER heard anything back. I was curious if anyone may have good email contact info for Capital One?


I have 2 old credit cards that were closed and charged off but never went to a collection agency and I wanted to see what kind of settlement can be done to take care of both of them.


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Capital One Email Contact?? Anyone Have it

"If there's a lack of money in your life, understand that feeling worried, envious, jealous, disappointed, discouraged, doubtful or fearful about money can never bring more money to you, because those feelings come from a lack of gratitude for the money you have."

"Reactions are powerful creators because they contain every element needed to manifest—they're a combination of thought, belief, and feeling in action. Positive reactions create more positive things, and negative reactions create more negative things. If you can respond to negative situations calmly and lightly, instead of with emotional turbulence, what happens next in your life will be so much better."

- Rhonda Byrne

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