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Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

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Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Hello, this is my first time using this forum so thank you in advance.  


I've read a lot of posts about the GW removals, and contacting the company through the backdoor numbers.   Here is my situation.


I have a 30 day from Feb 2011 that I'm trying to have removed from Cap 1.  This late was a result of a change of banking set up with automatic payment.  I made an error on the set up and while traveling, the payment didn't process.  I didn't get any notice or call from Cap 1 that it was late, and I hadn't noticed since I always set up everything to pay on auto payment.  In Feb, I recd my experian notifcation on the 30 late, which is how i realized that my payment for Jan didn't go through, resulting in the 30 day late in Feb when the statement closed.   I agree this is an oversight on my part, an error I've been kicking myself for since.   I have a perfect account with Captial one since 2000. 


Now that I'm trying to buy a house, I'm getting a real hard time with lenders with this 30 day late so recent and really affecting my loan options.   I called the backdoor number for Cap 1, explained my situation, asked them for a courtesty removal.  The gentleman was really nice, told me everyone makes mistakes, i was a good customer, etc etc and that he'd submit it for removal.  I just rec'd two letters in the mail:

1)  Letter stating that the Feb 2011 late reporting was accurate and then some verbiage proper reporting about what i should do to keep my account from being late.

2) Letter stating that Jan 2011 was accurate and was not reported late (which i never disputed).


For those of you who have experience, is this a normal process? The rep told me that it would be removed because they appreciate my busienss (blah blah blah).  I was really disappointed when I rec'd this letter.   Should I try again? I'm not asking for much, ONE 30 day late removal.  Arre there other options? Is this type of request even realistc?  I've worked for so many years to build my credit and pay off debt so that i can finally buy a house, and now  my oldest and most used account is the one that is setting me back.


Sorry for the long winded post, I didn't want to leave out potentially important details.



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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Welcome to the forum! You might get more assistance if you post this in the Rebuilding Forum.

You could email the EO and explain your situation. I would not stop at one letter. Continue to be apologetic and you might be rewarded.

Good luck!
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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

clcik on this and you can get the fake CEO address

do you really think a CEO of a Bazzillion dollar company is going to put his personal email address?  But you can send your request and one of his minnions will respond promptly.  I had success getting a singular Cap One late removed but it took emails to the fake CEO address....letters to the address on my credit file....and you can also chat on their website. 


That was where I had my success.  I chatted with a guy named Joseph and he told me he could get it removed.  I had the wherewithall to copy and paste our chat conversation.  Two weeks later I got a denial letter.  I called CS and I told them I had a transcript and he put me on hold and came back and said that he couldn't help me.  So I emailed the transcript to the fake CEO address and after a review they said that they were going to make a "good business decision, because one of their agents told me that he could do this when in fact he was not authorized, and delete the late from my record.


So be persistant and polite.  Good luck.  And just an score went up about 30-35 points when that late fell off.


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11/11/12 BEGIN REBUILD myFICO 584

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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Keep trying. They removed a 30, 60 and 90 day late for me. Are you a current customer? I was and maybe that helped.

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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Thanks Everyone, I will keep trying.   Yes, I'm a current customer, and have been since 2000, this being my only 30 day late with them....  Did you have your lates removed via phone call or letter? I'll also try the chat option with the transcript that someone else suggested..... This gives me some hope, I'm determined! Smiley Happy

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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Just FYI -  I had 3 thirty day lates from 2007.  Cap 1 removed them from tu and eq but not ex.  the other day i pulled my eq report and guess what?  They are reporting them again.  I called them and they told me they were within their rights to report. 

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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

YES, keep trying!!!

Talk nice, go up the chain on your phone calls.

BE NICE!!!!!

Stay on the phone, keep your reasons but look at them at different angles with the supervisor!

What finally worked for me was my email at the time was wrong.

Actually, they do want to help you, they just have to follow a given set of rules and you need to work with them on the right key that opens up the reversal without getting someone in trouble...

Did I say BE NICE!!!!!


Good luck and don't give up.

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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Hey Marcuscat, can you tell me what exactly you did and who you contacted in order to get the lates removed?
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Re: Capital One GW 30 day removal request - failed

Started by going up the phone ladder.

At first it didn't work. Got letter stating "correct reporting"

Called back and talked to same Supervisor (keep good notes) and it was almost like she led me through the removal.

Listen carefully to the questions they ask.

Mine was a FC in May and a yearly Mag subscription in June. I never checked the site till August 12th and paid immediately.

They had an old email address of mine that I changed right after I paid. I think that's what finally was the key to the deletion.

In their letter to me they apologized...... SHEESH!!!!


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