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Capital One GW Attempt

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Capital One GW Attempt

Has anyone succesfully obtained a positive result on a Capital One GW?  I'm in a crappy situation.  I've had a Capital One card for 7 years and I pay on time, always the full balance.  Last month, however, I forgot about a $14.95 charge on the card (I haven't been using it much lately).  I was having a bad month, or I probably would have remembered.  My stepson has mental health issues, and he's been doing well recently, but he decompensated at school and was suspended for a week.  It's just been a mess.


As soon as I started getting those collection phone calls, I realized what had happened, and paid the account balance in full.  I was so freaked out I actually ended up paying it twice and now have a credit in my account.  I'm getting a pay cut at my job (as is my husband), and we've been saving up a large downpayment so we can refinance, since our house is underwater.  It should lower our house payments by $400/month.  The refinance was just about to go through when they ran one last credit check and that 30 days late popped up.  The mortgage company is saying no-can-do, unless I can get that removed.


I have always been fiscally responsible; my credit score WAS in the mid 700s.  It kills me that my stupid $14 mistake may cause us to lose the refinance and thousands of dollars in savings.  I've tried calling the Account Specialist number and was forwarded to an Account Manager, but everyone keeps telling me that it CAN'T be done.  Is there anything else I can do?  I wrote a letter, but I don't know where to send it.


I am willing to do anything to correct this awful mistake. Smiley Sad


Thank you so much for reading.

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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

I will PM you a very good e-mail to send a bonafide GW too. 


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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

Don't worry CapOne is very GW friendly, i've had success with them several times. If you get a no the first time,  just give it a day or two and call back. My success has come from calling, never through email or letters.


Wish you the best of luck!

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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

Would I be able to get you to PM me that email address or best phone number. Trying to GW CAPONE as well. Thanks

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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

Me too if you don't mind ty
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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

Cab you send me that email address as well? Much appreciated.

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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

I sent a certified letter, sent the email, and I'm sending a fax this afternoon.  I'm also going to try calling again.  In the meantime, the mortgage company is trying to see if they can put the loan in my husband's name only.  I really appreciate all the help.  Of all the times to make a stupid mistake, this is the worst.  I'm counting down to the pay cut...


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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

I have an acct I need to GW a TL that was formerly HSBC that C1 just purchased (they purchased HSBC's entire U.S. credit card business) - the acct itself it still open and is current, but I have one 30 day late that HSBC had previously agreed wouldn't be reported as late since I called and detailed the circumstances and set up and auto pymt a 5 days after the due date, but there it is reporting as LATE ONE TIME.


Same thing for a First Premier acct -- I've been told this CCC is difficult to get a response from a GW letter?  Any truth or advice to this one?

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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

I called again using one of the backdoor numbers posted on the forum and got someone who was willing to work with me.  They are removing the 30 day late!  It seems like a crapshoot, depending on who picks up the other line.  The guy was really nice and sympathized with my situation.  I am NEVER ever going to let any of my accounts become delinquent again.  I have it on autopay now, and I'm setting up gmail to remind me to pay early.  I wish I'd done that in the first place so I wouldn't have had to go through all this stress!

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Re: Capital One GW Attempt

I just setup MS Office reminder as well as text alerts.  I calculated how much I had to pay in late charges/etc and the amount of money I wasted was ridiculous. 

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