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Capital One is officially cruel, this is one for the Record Books!

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Capital One is officially cruel, this is one for the Record Books!

So I was granted a goodwill adjustment by Capital One (I know, amazing, right!?!)
But what they did is remove the 2 last lates from the 24 month history and did not remove the payment status that said "4 lates 30 days".
I then sent in more letters and called again. Today I got a call from a cap1 representative who told me he REVERSED the goodwill adjustment to my account and placed the 2 lates back!!
His explanation was that Capital One's policy was that they report all accurate information and they do not GW. "If we did it for you, we would have to do it for everybody". I felt like I was back in highschool again with that explanation.
Not only that, but he explained that he personally sent the last reply letter to me stating the exact dates that I was late and that this is the second letter I sent him. Now I feel like I should no longer GW Cap1.
I can't believe this just happened and do not know what to do. Comments, Suggestions?
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Re: Capital One is officially cruel, this is one for the Record Books!

Ummm ... well, I think we were one of the few lucky ones.

Back in '05, we defaulted on a joint CC with them. As soon as we realized we were going to default, we called them and paid the whole thing off. We ended up paying about $400 in interest ($300 CL), and the uglies did, indeed, show up on our CRs. It was not only listed as "Charge-off/Bad debt/placed for collection" but also listed lates as severe as 120.

I sent out OODLES of GWs to them about a month and a half or so ago and checked our CRs about three weeks later. "Charge off" status was removed, all lates GONE. Still says "Closed by grantor" but otherwise, it's clean as a whistle. It also says, though the account's closed, "Paid as agreed."

I think you just have to keep trying. Cap One is not an easy nut to crack, by any means ... but it CAN be done. In our GWs we sucked up to them like there was no tomorrow. And we did actually love the card when we had it (and we now have another one with them). So it wasn't that hard to be nice and use lots of sugar!

I'd tell you the specific addy we used, but I have no idea which one worked. We just used the ones that have been floating here for ages (plus a few that we found online and off our CRs).

Best of luck!! And keep trying!!!


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