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Car stolen and abandoned parking tickets

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Car stolen and abandoned parking tickets

My brother was talking about some baddies on his record. His car got stolen a few years ago, maybe 7 or 8 years ago I thought. It was abandoned and received parking tickets he didn't know about it's affecting his credit score. Will these baddies fall off soon? Should he try to pay for delete or is it worth the time pursuing this in court. 



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Re: Car stolen and abandoned parking tickets

I havent heard of a situation like this one before.


My first thought is to find the Police report number and use that to show he had lost control and use of the vehicle, therefor, wasnt aware of the parking tickets.


If no Police report was made, I am out of suggestions, except maybe PFD.






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Re: Car stolen and abandoned parking tickets

If he can prove that the car was stolen (proof such as a police report or insurance claim report as these would normally have license plate info) then a judge in a municipal court (which is where most parking tickets originate) should be able to dismiss those and they should be taken off the report.

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