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Card not mine-Will this help or hurt my score?

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Card not mine-Will this help or hurt my score?

I signed up for another companie's Three Credit Bureau scoring and reports and I noticed the other day that there was a credit card account(thankfully in good standing) that wasn't mine. It baffled for me a while and then I realized what it was. The card, with Chase, was my DAD's credit card. Him and I have the same first and last name, but different middle intials. Here's where I'm confused.........His card has a year of no missed payments, but at the same time he's 98%(according to the website) maxed out, so would it be better to keep it on my report and just make sure each month that we have it paid(I live with him) or should I dispute it and have it removed? My fear is that having it removed will bring me down, since it will be the same effect of when you call and close an account on your own card.  Thanks for your help and advice.

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Re: Card not mine-Will this help or hurt my score?

Unless you have virtually no credit history, an account with a utilization over 80% is likely to be hurting your credit. You also say it has a year of "no missed payments". Does that mean that there are lates on this account but that they are over a year old?

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