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Card type and limit history.

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Card type and limit history.

I've been very successful in getting limit increases and product changes on several cards.  Going forward, is there any way for a credit analyst to see what the limit or product used to be on a card, or how long I have had the limit?


For example, my Capital One rebuilder card is now a 10k cash card.  It retained all of the history, and the born-on date, so it looks on my report as if I've had a 10k Cap 1 prime card for years.  I am making similar improvements to several of my other cards as well.


Will a credit analyst see me as someone who recently improved the cards, or will any reference to the old products and limits disappear?  Is there any way for them to know that my oldest cards used to be subprime?


It seems to me it will work that way but it's almost too good to be true.

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