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Charge Off Settlements Not Yet Updated

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Charge Off Settlements Not Yet Updated

On my road to recovery I was able to settle two Cap1 Charge Offs in May that up till now have been reporting as FP (Failed to Pay) on the 5th of each month.


It is now June 15th and the last report date for the accounts remains as May 5th.


I was expecting them to report on June 5th and I would see this reflected by now in reports from each CRA.


These accounts were still held by Cap1 but placed with Moss Law which filed and received a judgement against me so that was the route I had to go through to pay them. The checks were made payable to Capital One though.


Should I just be patient for few more weeks or should I take some action, file a dispute, etc?




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Re: Charge Off Settlements Not Yet Updated

When I paid my capital one charge through radius global it took them awhile to update it so I would give it a little more time because a dispute can backfire pretty badly.

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Re: Charge Off Settlements Not Yet Updated

Since this is Cap-1 just dispute it as inaccurate that it has been paid off. They dont do PFD so there isnt anything that can go funny as far as I can see. If the CA is the one reporting then you would want to wait for them to do the updates and not dispute it.
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Re: Charge Off Settlements Not Yet Updated

Let me go ahead and agree with the last poster. Dispute it immediately. They are currently reporting inaccurate information. Send in your proof of payment letter and tell them to delete the accounts immediately due to inaccurate information being reported long after you paid them. This just might get the entire accounts deleted. Remember, you can only get stuff deleted if you ask for it. 

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Re: Charge Off Settlements Not Yet Updated

Cap1 isnt going to delete any account. They rarely even delete a 30 day late. Maybe if you were in your death bed in ICU for a month and can prove it. But. Still a long shot.

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