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Charge off First Citizen Bank (jerks)

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Charge off First Citizen Bank (jerks)

when i was a bit younger and not as wise I closed my bank account with First Citizens. I went in withdrew remaining funds and closed account. Well apprently a $9 charge went through for a recurring subscription that i was un aware of. Now of course this $9 turned into $200 after fees and late payments etc. this was a checking account btw. Now first citizens never notified me no call,email, mail etc As i moved I did not recevied mail. I did a credit report and found the account and called them up and said I would like to take care of this if you stop reporting etc. I payed it and they gave me documents stating they would remove it (i lost documents btw Smiley Sad ) the charge off is still on my report today 5 years later and I have been using lexington law to help remove items (they have remvoved 4 already) but this one is still lingering? I have not tried a GW but i did call and ask if they could the lady was rude and called me a dead beat even though I paid it and the bank didnt notify me and I had documentation stating they would remove it? anything I can do about this? I have been sending them letters to cofirm the account etc just to give them tons of paper cuts and cost them money and time. still no affect? it was removed from Experian but not TU or EX?

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Re: Charge off First Citizen Bank (jerks)

Apart from not living up to their agreement, it is apparently reporting correctly.


Disputes through the CRA challenging the accuracy will, if the creditor chooses not to delete, most likely bear little fruit, as the CRAs have a policy of no deletion based on payment, and thus are not apt to use their reinvestigation authority to delete on that basis.


Since you are using a credit repair organization, I would speculate that your remaining course of filing a direct dispute with the creditor has not yet been exercised, as credit repair organizations cannot file or assist in filing of a direct dispute.  A direct dispute will keep the CRA out of the process, and will require them to formally verify the accuracy of their reporting directly to you.  Basis for a direct dispute would be the innacuracy of continued CR inclusion of information that they have legally agreed to delete. 


If they still verify, recourse is to bring action in small claims court for breach of contract, and thus get the facts before a judge.  A bit troublesome is your statement that you have no documentation of the asserted contract.



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