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Charge off question

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Charge off question

I have two accounts that we charged off and were paid in full for less than the full balance in may of 2020. One is capital one, the other is citi bank. 

I was wondering what steps i could take to get them removed or somehow impact my score less than it already is. 

I am unsure if i should send in a goodwill letter or what route to take. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Re: Charge off question

Yes writing GW letters would be your only option. Send as many as you can to as many addresses as you can find for those two creditors.

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Re: Charge off question

As stated above by @OmarGB9 , goodwill letters are your only real option at this point. It may be beneficial to search this forum and see if/how other users have gotten results with those two lenders. 


Charge-offs are more difficult to get removed and, in my opinion, it would be the achievement to get either of them removed. On the plus side, they should affect your scores less as they age and you continue to keep your other accounts in good standing.

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