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Chase Credit Card Goodwill Success?

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Chase Credit Card Goodwill Success?

I know several people on these boards have had Goodwill success with Chase regarding charge offs and late removals, but after searching I can't seem to find any recent stories. Anyone still around and active on this board with Chase Goodwill success?


And if so can you please PM me the contact info you used to get your GW letter/request read and answered?


I attempted a GW about 3 years ago on a paid charge off/lates and was unsuccessful, and would love to try again, now that several years have passed. Any emails or addresses pm'd to me on who I can contact is greatly appreciated!


Re: Chase Credit Card Goodwill Success?

Just send the letter by US Mail to the office of the CEO


You can also check with and see if there are current emails there. Good luck.



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Re: Chase Credit Card Goodwill Success?

Did you have any success with this? I sent an email to the executive office and got a 'no' back from someone who I think is an assistant. I did send out emails to other individuals, but I'd love to hear who in particular you contacted if you had better luck with it!
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