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Chase Freedom authorized user question

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Chase Freedom authorized user question

Hi all,


I'm planning to add my husband as an Authorized user to my Chase Freedom ($5500 CLI) to help improve his scores. And I did attempt to do it online. But the Chase online asked his First & Last Name without SSN. I copied and pasted the text from Chase Online without proceeding. My question is item #3.


Should I or should I not add him? 



Share the convenience of your account by authorizing other user(s) to access your account. Each authorized user will receive his or her personal card and will enjoy full access to your account. 

There are several things you should know about adding an Authorized User:
1. As the Primary Cardmember, you will be liable for all account balances.
2. Your Authorized User will not have financial responsibility for the account.
3. For the Authorized User, this account will be reported to the credit reporting agencies as an Authorized User's account. This could potentially impact the Authorized User's credit score.
4. All correspondence including statements and notifications will be sent to the address listed on the account.

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Re: Chase Freedom authorized user question

I vote Yes
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Re: Chase Freedom authorized user question

Yes, he will only get the credit for that particular account. 

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