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Chase GW

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Chase GW

Hi everyone,


I've been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to join now after sending my first attempt at a Chase GW letter.  Just to give a little background, I used to work for Circuit City for 5 years until they went out of business.  Towards the end I purchased a television on my credit card taking advantage of an 18 months no interest, no payments promo. Sounds too good to be true?  It's not, those financing deals happened all the time.  Of course, when I purchased the TV I was rung up at 18 months no interest.......  I planned on paying the TV off in one big payment come tax time.  Needless to say, I didn't make it that far, I was soon called by a collection agency saying I owed them $1600.  I signed up for paperless statements with Chase so I had no idea what was going on.   


The collection agency told me I could settle the account out for $1000 - I told them, the account should still be active since I had no interest, no payments.  I was then told in lieu of the 18 months no interest, no payments, I could just settle for $1000............ At 23 years old having just lost my job (being that Circuit City went out of business) and completely NAIVE when it came to credit, that sounded like a good deal to me!  4 years later, it has come back to bite me in the a$$.  Back in November I went to purchase a new car only to walk out of the dealership with my tail between my legs..... WHY!?  Well, Chase is the only company that handles leases for this company and aren't even willing to consider me as a potential lender due to the CO \ settlement.  I tell the finance manager, I've paid off two car loans for 15K each in the past 7 years, that doesn't matter, all the see is the CO.


At this point I'm fed up with Chase holding this black cloud over my head so I typed up a nice GW letter and e-mailed it right over to James Dimon's office.  I got a call back the next day "Hi, this is XXXXX calling from the Chase executive office."  The butterflies were going already - she told me she is in charge of my "case" then left her info with me in case I had any questions.  I asked if I should be expecting a call from her, she said yes, this was on a Friday.  The ensuing Tuesday I received a phone call "Hi, this is XXXXX calling from the Chase executive office.  Unfortunately we have to leave accurately reporting information on your credit file."  I explained the situation again, she said only if I could provide a receipt of the purchase that says 18 months, no interest, no payments would they remove it.  I said, "you understand that Circuit City is no longer in business therefore I can't just walk into the store and have them reprint it."  She said "well then I apologize but we have to respectfully decline your request."  I responded, "well if I could find proof that Circuit City was running that promo in that time frame you could work with me?"  She said "yes, although I find it unlikely being that we do not offer no interest, no payments."  I explained again it was a CIRCUIT CITY CREDIT CARD, they ran these promos all the time and I was a long time employee therefore I would know this.  She didn't seem to understand so we ended the phone call there.  I still had her phone number and direct extension and after two minutes of research I called her right back to let her know that I found "proof".  I got her voicemail, I left her a message and its been a week now with no call back.


I know I'm long winded but I feel like all of this information is relevant...... My question is for those of you with experience, am I screwed or should I keep calling her or should I send my letter (or another letter) to James Dimon's office again?


Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Re: Chase GW

If you actually have proof, I'd try to email again and send them a copy. When do they allege the debt went bad?

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Re: Chase GW

HeHello I too have been following this forum and thought I would let you know that I after reading about the success stories, I thought I would give it a try. I had a CO on a card back in 2006.  It was a chard that I had cut up and had maintained a zero balance on. Unknown to me, my husband charged something for 100 dollars in April 2006 and forgot about it. It was the beginning of the e bill evolution and some how we never got the statements. Because I thought we weren't using it, I never worried about checking the balance.  The balance went unpaid for 5 months and then got charged off.  during a routine credit check in Oct 2006, i found out about the charge off, called chase immediately and paid it off.  i had to other cards with them and a mortgage that had perfect history but repeated request over the phone did nothing to remove it from my credit.  it has been sitting on our report since then.  I started reading this forum in late December and realized maybe there was a better way.  I first disputed the charge with all 3 bureaus. Trans Union dropped the CO in 1 week. Experian dropped it in 4 weeks. Equifax wouldn't drop it.  So then I sent a goodwill request through Chase's customer service online request center.  I heard back in one day And the answer was 'No because it was a valid charge'.  The next day I sent the goodwill letter to Eileen Serra and with in one day I got the call frthe someone in the executive office saying that she would be reviewing my request. I spent sometime explaining to her what happened and about my record outside of this ine issue.  She said she appreciated the explanation and my honesty and said she would get bak to me on Monday. That Monday she called and let me know that unfortunately she would not be able to help me.  She said if it is a valid charge it was Chase's policy to not remove it. She appreciated my honesty and sympathized with my situation but there was nothing she could do. I thanked her for her time and consideration and told her I understood.  I called her right back and apologized for doing so but had one last question. I asked her if we could approach it differently. Could I dispute it with Experian and they just not answer the dispute request by doing so chase would remove it.  She said there was no way to make that happen.  I thanked her again for her time and hung up.  Honestly I gave up and decided to wurst wait the nextyear for it to legally drop from my credit.  To my surprise, it dropped off my credit last week Feb 7, 2013. That was 9 days after she declined my request. credit went from 721 to 799 on my fico for equifax.  We are purchasing a new home and the lender called and said that eq fico was 799, exp fico was 807 and trans was 786. report.   I started at 681 in November. Paid off my balances and cleared this one blemish.  Bottom line, don't give up!

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