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Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

jmoney3457 wrote:

Smiley Happy If you don't mind me asking, which company did you write to? Chase?  Did you write to a person or ?

Yes, I wrote to Chase...the CEO. 


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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt



I am new to form and I am planning to send the goodwill letter to chase.Can you please share the mail address or email address,so that I can send them the goodwill letter to delete.\



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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

So I have an update on this, well on GW's in general.  I've had success recently with both Macy's AND Discover (I also think I'm close to success with BOA).  However, Chase is STILL remaining persistent on not budging-it's absolutely ridiculous!  I've changed course and while I still stick to the auto-payment failure, I acknowledged a possibler oversight on myself (basically admitting possible fault) and ASKED POLITELY for a goodwill, no dice.  In fact, the latest reply from the same Executive Liasion that I keep getting stuck with (Vanessa D), states that unless I send in something new, I will not receive a reply on any further correspondence.  I found this to be somewhat rude on both her and Chase's part.  I have never, ever been late once on a previously closed account nor on my mortgage that I hold with them.  So, should I just wait it out til maybe around the holidays (TG/Xmas), as they may be more in the "holiday spirit" or just keep sending letter after letter to different addresses/execs I can find?

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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

I was a Chase customer for over 25 years with perfect payment record. Lost job. Lost business and life savings. Got divorced.


I had a Chase account that was charged off, i recieved 1099 and paid taxes on. I asked for GW..No luck ! Executive office said something about sending in new information too. Otherwise "changing or deleting accurate data will compromise the integrity of there reporting "!


Meanwhile, i have a Chase mortgage with perfect payment history for 15 years.



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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

Wa3, I'm REALLY sorry they won't do a simple GW for you, as you MOST CERTAINLY deserve one!  I'm just not sure what step to do next or maybe just to wait until the holidays, hoping for a "holiday spirit answer".  If I choose not to wait, I plan on writing to Chase's BOD or possibly even BBB, because this is absolustely ridiculous.  Especially after the latest "no further replies" BS from them, I'm not really seeing to play nice anymore, if that's how they're going to be.

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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

The things about GW's are really dependent on WHO it is that opens the letter (yes send them VIA mail or even hand write them) because its really that person who will decide to A) blow you off or B) take the next step.....and as far as CEO or SVP I would doubt any big company would actually have any Emails go straight to them....most have an exc asst that filters mail and email so more than likely that's who is getting a lot of things first but you know stranger things have happened 

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Re: Chase Goodwill help-got denied first attempt

Would you be willing to share the contact information you used? Thanks.

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