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Chase *Sigh*

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Chase *Sigh*

Need some help here. I had a CO with Chase back in 2007. It was on a $300 dollar card. Ya I know I was dumb and had no idea about credit. I paid them $300 two weeks after the CO but there was $332 in interest and penalties! So it was sent to a collection agency, whom I paid $200 because that is all they said to pay. I want this CO off my report. It shows Paid for less than full amount. Guess I still had a $132 balance. Chase is no longer trying to collect. So I have sent four GW letters to them and all get denied. Today I spoke with a nice lady from the executive offices about the entire situation. She was not going to budge though. I wanted to at least see if I could pay the balance so it would reflect that account was paid in full and closed. She is telling me that even if I paid the remaining balance that it would still show Settled for less than full balance on my report. How is this possible??? I mean if I paid the entire balance would they not have to report Paid/Closed?? So can someone please give me some help of how I can prove to her that if I paid the account in full that she would have to update my account to Paid/Closed or Paid in full/ closed with the CO still being on there. Oh and I know it will not help my score unless the CO was removed. I just want to pay my obligations off at least.
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Re: Chase *Sigh*

They won't accept payment because in their eyes, the account is paid off. Even if they did accept it, it would say "paid CO" which wouldn't help your score any. I'd focus on GWing to get the lates and the settled comment removed.


GWing aside, I have seen a couple of rare posts where the poster successfully paid the difference via a PFD-like arrangement on a settled balance. I recall Chase accepting PFDs in the past, but I don't think this is one of those rarities. IIRC, Amex and Macys was one. I know Chase accepts PFDs too.



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