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Chase Tradeline Deletion Goodwill Success???


Chase Tradeline Deletion Goodwill Success???

Hi Everyone,


Last week I sent an email to the EO for chase asking to delete a c/o settled account I had from 2017. I received a phone call the next day from a man saying that they would be in contact with me over the next few days, and later last week received another phone call from a woman telling me she would investigate it. 


Today I received an email from myFICO stating that a change was made in my TransUnion data. I also checked Creditsesame and saw the same notification:


Good news, this account went from a derogatory status to a current status.
Next Steps
If you have any questions about this account's change in status, contact the account provider listed.
Account: CHASE CARD, P.O. BOX 15298 WILMINGTON,DE 19850
Status: n/a
Type: n/a
Phone: n/a
I haven't heard back from the woman, but is this a good indication that it is being removed? 
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Re: Chase Tradeline Deletion Goodwill Success???

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome. Will you share the email address you used?

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Re: Chase Tradeline Deletion Goodwill Success???

Congratulations on your progress!

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